Several years ago I wanted to get a cool pair of sunglasses that didn't look like anything anyone else had. After looking around for a couple of months and searching the Internet extensively (like looking at the first 300 pages of Google results for every search), I found that there was no place to get what I wanted - well-made, high quality, unique sunglasses.

So I decided to start a company to make what I couldn't find. That's when things got interesting. I discovered how difficult it was to find the right materials and the kind of production facilities that I needed. I spent nearly two years doing research, trials, testing, and sitting on lots of airplanes before being able to the right combination together.

I founded C J Blanx to offer consumers the ability to design custom eyewear for themselves. We ran our own label for a few years online allowing people from all around the world to create and customize our designs and then have them individually made. But, we found that the market for selling one-off-high-quality pieces was just too small. However I had a fantastic product and a terrific production capability. So, we pivoted and now we have a unique platform that offers designers, brands and celebrities an easy way to create their own unique eyewear label in just weeks instead of months or even years like it took me.

Corey Connolly
Founder and CEO