No Cost Launch

Launch Your Eyewear Line With No Cost and No Risk

You can test the market and launch your eyewear line with no upfront costs through our innovative program.

1) We share the risk with you by covering the upfront costs including:

  • Making the frame molds
  • Producing the prototypes
  • Standards testing and certification
  • Creating your eCommerce site

2) We launch your line taking pre-orders without charging credit cards

3) Once we reach the minimum order level, we both know that your glasses are a hit and we start production and charge the buyers credit cards. We recover our upfront costs as part of the manufacturing fees. If for some reason we don't reach the minimum order level, then we both know not to proceed and we email the buyers in your name explaining that unfortunately the glasses won't be made and that their credit cards have not been charged. We absorb the upfront costs, so there is no cost, or risk, to you.